“As the Features Editor at The Cairns Post, I have worked professionally with Pip Miller for over eight years. During this time, she has demonstrated utmost professionalism. Her media releases are well-
written, accurate and timely and she deals with journalist queries and querulousness with deftness, politeness and great calm. She anticipates media requests and handles media professionals with great courtesy. Her thorough understanding of the media industry and its expectations has enormous benefits for any organisation she represents.”

Eileen Rothwell – Feature Editor for Cairns Post

“Pip Miller is a true professional at her job, and regularly provides leads for 7 Local News. She always covers her bases, and I always feel confident her media calls will provide the basis for a worthy story.

I’d me more than happy to discuss further. Please feel free to call me on the numbers below.”

Trent Evans – Producer/Journalist

“I met Pip while working as a newspaper photographer for The Cairns Post ,many of the jobs that I covered were brought to the Newspaper’s attention thanks to Pip’s PR services. I’m currently working as a freelance photographer and continue to cover shoots for other publications organised by Pip, her great knowledge of the region and major contacts within the industry has put Pip in a position where many companies are able to trust her with her great services.”

Veronica Sagredo, Blueclick Photography

“Over the past decade, Cairns Festival has engaged Pip Miller PR to serve as our official publicist and media relations officer. Here is why:

Pip Miller is so well connected and respected throughout the Far North, and across all media platforms, that she always delivers a high quality media response; Pip knows how to develop and pitch a good story angle, and can easily oversee campaigns and major media relations initiatives;

Pip is extremely attentive, always professional, and serves her clients with a good-natured approach that makes her a pleasure to work with.

In 2011, Cairns Festival presented 106 unique events over 17-days. It was without a doubt the most extensive and diverse festival program that the Far North has ever seen. Pip Miller PR became an essential aspect to our team, stewarding all print, radio and television coverage. And to garner inter-state exposure, she organised a media familiarisation that resulted in significant editorial coverage in major dailies and magazines.

Without a doubt, Pip Miller’s hard work was one of the reasons that our 50th season proved so successful and was so well covered. If you wish the same for your organisation or campaign, all you really need to do is engage Pip’s services. She’ll do the rest.”

Eric Holowacz – Festival Producer

“Hi Pip,

Just some feed back I have dealt with numerous PR agencies before including the like of Spin and what not, you are miles ahead in your ability/professionalism extremely impressed with your contribution to the event already.”

Thanks Again
Alex Vrisakis – The Arton Group

“Dear Pip,

I have just been reading through your media articles for us again… they are really great, so well written, thank you so much!”

Love, Susan and Ngurah (owner of Villa Salju, Villa Bedua, Villa Erama and Villa Castilla) Bali, Indonesia

“Just wanted to say that I LOVED this month’s fashion shots! Can’t wait for you to see it next week. I think it’s possibly my favourite yet! Great work.”

Jen – Graphic Designer

“I just wanted to drop a line to say hi and congratulate you on the great job you did with the Hilton fashion parade. I couldn’t help but give it a plug in the editorial on Monday. Great to see stuff like this coming to Cairns.

A nice little aside as well. I was editor on Sunday and passed on the story to one of the staff members. They looked a little suspiciously until they saw you had organised the PR and looked relieved and said “that’s great Pip’s handling it, there will be no problems.”

Michael Hartshorn

“Ms Miller’s connections are longstanding in far north Queensland, especially in the cultural, tourism, health and community sectors. She brings a leading-edge approach to communication strategies and KickArts repeatedly benefits from her ‘helicopter view’ of inter-relating sectors. She enjoys good relationships with key regional players and is quick to identify emerging movements.”

Ingrid Hoffman Ex Director, Kick Arts

“Pip is a rare talent, a skilled publicist, and a champion of the arts who proved an essential part of the success of the Cairns Festival…anybody else you might bring on would only amount to half a Pip Miller, or maybe ¾ if you are lucky. I’m writing, simply because I cherish the work that she did for my organization, and because I know that nobody else could have generated such remarkable results.”

Eric Holowacz, Executive Manager, Sedona Arts Center

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the work you did for us with CIAF Presents. I was very impressed
with your professionalism and dedication, and as a plus, sunny attitude. What a pleasure it was to work with you and for me, one of the highlights of CIAF Presents.”

Sandra McLean, Director of Communications, Arts Queensland